I hope the Switch has a lot of non AAA produced games

By that I mean games that aren't completely 3D rendered with giant budgets. I'm reluctant to call them indies as titles like Castlevania, Metroid, and Advanced War are some of the best Game Boy and 3rd games which excelled with side scrolling and nice sprite graphics. Having 1st and 3rd party franchises that resonate with the public that were in the 3DS space as opposed to the WII and WII U platform presentation. Having a well curated digital marketplace for these games is something that Playstation has had varying success with. They do a good job encouraging indie games and make it easy to purchase and organize your inventory but are becoming prey to too much bloat like the Apple Store. Having a thriving digital ecosystem with Nintendo licensed smaller games I believe would give them a much needed leg up and fill the niche of the 3DS at the same time.

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