I hope the Switch is Nintendo’s last console…

…because I honestly can't even comprehend how they can top it! Its. Gimmick. Is. So. Good. It's not even forced, like so many feared. Its traditional yet new at the same time. Like damn.

It's an amazing handheld, and great console, all in one. Console quality games. Anywhere. Its finally settling in. Like, how exciting. Nintendo's best, finally on a handheld device. I'm here for it. I can't wait to get mine. I feel like I couldn't go back to before when console and handhelds were different lanes.

After the Switch pushing everything in one? Like how can they go up from here? So brilliant honestly. I wish they could keep this concept forever. It's so smart. Literally a technological marvel. I'm gonna enjoy the s**t out of my Switch <3

i don't know where this came from either

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