I hope they release Pokemon Channel on the Virtual Console

You guys remember Pokemon Channel right? It was that really weird follow up to "Hey You Pikachu", released in 2003. It was a strange hybrid of adventure game, simulation game and pet care game. It revolved around you raising a pikachu that showed up at your house while also watching different tv channels on the "pokemon channel" (which was more like a pokemon cable package in retrospect) run by professor oak. There was a weather channel, a shopping channel, a news channel hosted by a psyduck. You could buy things from the shopping channel, there was a game show to watch, there was an exercise channel and an art channel, you could play simple pokemon themed games on a digital handheld and you could get your hands on bus passes to take a bus to different locations including viridian forest, a snowy mountain and a beach where your pikachu can interact with various pokemon. It was all time based with the game following the events of a week of time with game progress being set to real time. This game was my most played game on the game cube outside of Custom Robo (favorite game of all time), Godzilla destroy all monsters melee and the pokemon colosseum games (hopefully these all get virtual console releases). I would absolutely repurchase them all but pokemon channel in particular. I know it doesnt sound riveting (unless you also played it and understand the nostalgia) but I would love an HD rerelease of this game just for how interesting and unconventional it was. gameplay footage to help visualize what I was talking about www.youtube.com/watch?v=l89R3O5EMgo&t=244s

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