I really don’t understand why Nintendo doesn’t let us preorder the switch

I honestly don't get it. Usually a company wants to sell as much of a product as possible. Nintendo always had a very limited stock on most things, to the point where nobody can even get it. This happened to amiibos, the GameCube controller adapter, the nes classics edition, and now the switch and the pro controller. Why advertise this amazing new product, and then make it so that it is literally impossible to get a PREORDER for it? Why do we have to keep refreshing webpages and go to stores super early in the morning? Maybe I sound like a kid on a temper tantrum, but it honestly makes no sense to me. Somebody please fill me in.

EDIT: OK I get it now. I was very one sided on the whole situation since amiibo hunting was a bitch. Although there are some things that I still am concerned about the whole process, I get that they shouldn't over estimate the product. It would be complete hell if people suddenly cancelled preorders, so I suppose they should keep it on the safe side. I'm probably just super salty.

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