I think FIFA 18 on the Switch will use Frostbite, the same Engine as SW Battlefront and BF1.

FIFA 18 on the Switch I think will use Frostbite on the Switch because of the minimum requirements FIFA 17 asks. It asks for a GPU: – GTX 460 with 1GB of VRAM and 900 GFlops – The Switch specs haven't been confirmed, but I asked a few days ago wich do you think will have, K1, X1 or P1, most said X1 Tweaked. So let's say it will be a slight tweak of 1TFlop to 1.2 TFLop (for saying something), it's a difference of 300GFlop between the GTX 460 to a X1 Tweaked (the example I just gave), the X1 has 1TFlop.

  • Star Wars Battlefront and BF1 asks for a GTX 660 which has 1.88 TFlops, but the gtx 460 (on Star Wars Battlefront) runs the game at 1366×768 at high (and somethings tweaked) most of the time over 40FPS (on the beta: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnilWu5A0tU ) and in BF1 it was also recorded (takes like 5-10 fps, on the BF1 beta runs like this recorded at 1080p low settings www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxigsOO5byU ) I think it runs that bad in these games cuz the lack of VRAM, the GTX 460 has 1GB GDDR5 and the GTX 660 has 2GB GDDR5, the X1 has LPDDR4 (unknown amount of VRAM). But it runs UE4.

This is why I think Switch will be able to run Frostbite (FIFA 18, BF1 and SW Battlefront)

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