I want the Game Cards to have extra space and be read/write

Catridge-based media has me very excited to be sure, as I understand the benefits of that form. Faster load times, no installing etc. I do have a huge concern with it though, and that is how the Switch will handle DLC/patches.

This isn't the 3DS. Games aren't a few gigs and patches aren't measured in megabytes. We're talking 10-50 gb games with upwards of 10 extra for patches and DLC content.

I remember the rumor about game cards only supporting 32gb at launch which also really worries me, but let's just assume that the compression they use will allow large games to be around the 10-20GB mark at max. That's being idealistic, but whatever.

If this is the case, I really REALLY hope we can write extra data to the game card related to the game. If I have to put all patches and DLC on my SD cards, that can lead to some very frustrating and annoying situations.

I'll have to remember what data is on what SD card and plan accordingly when I'm taking it portably to play my game. So, I genuinely hope Nintendo is coming up with a solution to this looming problem, because I'm not organized enough to handle juggling SD cards.

However, making the game cards read/write can lead to a lot of piracy issues. People might figure out a way to bootleg games and put them on the game cards which is one of the biggest reasons I think Nintendo WONT go this route.

Do you think this is possible/probable? How else could they solve this problem?

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