I went to the Nintendo Switch Preview Tour (Toronto)

Hello all,

here's my experience with the event, in case you're interested. I went to the tour yesterday for MyNintendo Members/Press.

Note: the only swag going around was a free pin upon registration. If you did participate/volunteer for events in front of the crowd, i.e. 1-2 Switch, Just Dance, you would be given a Mario or Luigi ballcap. I did not do this, for I went there alone and had no one egging me on for public spotlight.

The controller types I got to enjoy were:

Joy-Con Joy-Cons with Wrist Straps Pro Controller Joy-Con Grip (all of which were charge-grips)

The Demos prevent you from looking at the UI. Every demo I played I pressed home/capture, and every other button to see if I could see more to it. Not only do they have that in a strict demo mode, but depending on what area you were at you may or may not have been able to take off the Joy-Cons.

Most demos had multiple ways to play, but the below are my experiences with each demo, and how I played them.

Games played:

Splatoon 2 (pro controller) – I B-lined it for Splatoon 2. I played with a roller to start, on a pro controller. Two things, 1, the Roller plays much different now, since it shoots the ink in a long path, vs. it's current wide path, 2., the Pro Controller feels great. We played two rounds, the second time through i used the new Duel Weapons which were fun to play with.

I immediately went to get a Zelda ticket for a timed slot in two hours, yes, it filled up real quick.

Mario Kart 8 (handheld mode) – I played Battlemode at the Splatoon level. I played as an Inkling. I couldn't fully experience the true-handheld on account that there are locks in place/metal pieces adding a tiny bit of weight, and preventing you from sticking out the kick-stand, taking out a Joy-Con. There were 8 of us playing battlemode, 4 at our table, and 4 at another.

Super Bomberman R (pro controller) – we played about five rounds or so, on one stage. I haven't played Bomberman in about 20 years, but man, was that chaos in a good way. I get the feeling this is a party game, more than a solo one.

SnipperClips (Joy-Con with wrist strap) – I partnered up with some guy named Zen. Given I have never met this guy before, you'd think it would have been a crap experience. We kicked ass. It's a real fun game, and the reps said this is their first eShop game. This is definitely a game that'll be a two-player experience, and it can even play up to four players. I can't imagine having the same amount of fun solo, but time will tell.

ARMS (Joy-Cons with wrist strap) – I was s**t at this game. I don't know whether it was because I didn't get the gist, but I have a feeling I will enjoy this game on the controller more. We were told you actually hold the Joy-Cons sideways, and the L/ZL and R/ZR buttons face toward you. I'm willing to give this game another try when it comes out, but man, I was crap at it.

Streetfighter II (pro controller) – See "ARMS" for how well I did. I had SF for SNES years ago, felt a lot like that. I'm just not great at fighting games.

Disgaea 5 (Joy-Con Grip/Handheld Mode) – This demo didn't really have a lot of people clamoring for it. I never played a Disgaea game before, so it was all new to me. I think it's difficult to demo certain games where there's a learning curve, but the Nintendo Brand Ambassador did a pretty good job. It played like Fire Emblem, if you had to call out each player from a starting point. Some of the moves I performed were over the top in a funny way, but what came out of this demo was the play-styles I got to try. This was the first game I got to play with the Joy-Con Grip. It didn't feel nearly as good as the Pro Controller, but it wasn't bad either. If I would have started with it, I wouldn't have been spoiled, but as you see from my list about, I had already used the Pro many times. I also got to take out the Joy-Cons from the Grip, and place them on the console and play in handheld mode. It felt great and fun to do. The time it takes for it to kick into handheld mode is pretty quick, maybe a half-second.

Sonic Mania (Joy-Con, no wrist strap) – This felt like a Sonic game through, and through. I got to experience just how small the Joy-Con is when you don't have the wrist strap attached. That thing is tiny, but I got used to it pretty quickly.

PuyoPuyo TETRIS (Pro Controller) – this game is fun. I had never played PuyoPuyo before but it's something you pick up quickly. We played the mode where it switches between the two, and boy chaos was ensuing. Every time you were about to get a good move it, switch. It's pretty fun.

Zelda (Joy-Con Grip) – at this demo, they provided everyone with headphones, that was hooked up externally. I don't have to tell any of you how much fun this game is, but it's a lot of fun. My 20 minutes was over before I knew it. As the game was wrapping up, the Brand Ambassador had me take the Joy-Cons out of the Grip and place it on the console/remove it from the dock.

I was there for almost three hours. It was a fun time, and it wasn't too crowded. Both the Pro Controller and the Charge Grip had USB-C outlets, so I'm really hoping via a dongle (ala the brave Apple) you can hook up headphones. The Pro Controller feels really good, and the thought of being able to just put that controller down, and pull the tablet out of the dock and get to playing is a good one, but that price-point for me is a bit high.

Let me know if you have any questions, I got to observe a lot too.

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