I will not be playing the Switch on the train, because I do not want to get robbed.

I get that many subscribers to this thread have various types of train rides to work (or school) and that this doesn't apply to everyone.

But where I live people get robbed on the train, and I generally don't like drawing unnecessary (or more specifically, uncontrolled) attention to myself while commuting. "Don't give someone another reason" is my basic thinking.

With my phone, for example, it always finds itself hidden safely approaching a stop in case someone on the platform or in the car try a snatch & run. It's second nature.

I think with the Switch, at least until ubiquitous, I'd treat it much like when I got the DS when it came out. Do not break that out on the train, or be highly careful when doing so, knowing you will draw attention. Like a new phone, or smartwatch, or headphones. Wait until there are a bunch of other people doing it, too. And that sort of works, though now I think a DS draws more attention than a phone so maybe this example isn't perfect.

So eventually, when normalized, maybe playing a Switch would be as equally offensive or attention grabbing as playing a DS is on the train now. Which is still too much for me.

And it still feels like an easy punch & grab if you are sitting near a door, and are absorbed in a game. (I think that about anyone playing games on the train though, any device. And then I see people prop up their MacBooks, and I'm smh thinking you're gonna' get robbed, but they don't, so who knows!)

I'm all about the portable nature of NS. Just not on the train. That's my thoughts. Play safe & don't get robbed!

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