I will probably just play the Switch as only a handheld. I assume I’m not alone and others want to go handheld or home console only – let’s discuss this.

I like the idea of how powerful the Switch will be – I've never owned a console more powerful than the 3DS XL or GameCube level, but I've enjoyed gaming on my friend's Wii/PS3/PS4, and I think I'll really like the Switch for its game and probable library.

That said, I don't have much space for a TV and I suspect I'd probably play it as a handheld, even at home. Part of me likes that it'll be 720p probably since thatll be sufficient for me on a smaller screen.

I guess I do wish I could get a no-stand potabke only version but I don't dislike it being a forced bundle – it's fine I guess.

Anyway, who else is in a similar boat or vice versa? We can't all be after the hybrid experience, I figure.

Discussion started at here by NowOrNever88

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