Idea for Super Mario Switch

This subreddit has been a bummer for many to visit lately, so I thought I would shed some more light on excitement for the 3D Mario. Let's get the hype train up and running again! Here is an idea that I think would be cool for the game:

We dive into Super Mario Switch by revisiting Princess Peach's castle from SM64. The gameplay style is the open world 3d mario we all love. While exploring the castle, we can jump into paintings once more to travel to levels. However, these level designs are completely new. In addition to the castle, we can also explore beyond the valleys of the castle to travel to the main hub world of the game: Toad Town. In Toad Town, you can talk to familiar characters, and stock up on items, etc. Outside of the Toad Town map, there are a few other castles that have paintings to jump into. This would make for an incredible amount of gameplay, and maybe certain painting levels could take elements from familiar games. Example; some of the missions require using F.L.U.D.D.

Again, this is just an idea I think would be really cool. It seems like a long shot, but this would have a ton of gameplay, keeping the game full of exploration!

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