Idea’s to revive Mario Party on the Switch?

I hope Nintendo finally revives the Mario Party series on the Switch. I mean, the minigames in the newer additions are still fun but the main game has been driven into the ground now imo.

I remember how fun it used to be on the N64/Gamecube and wish they would just do away with all these new mechanics like being in the same car. Yet, one mechanic I do sort of like is the boss battles which I think could be expanded upon more.

I hope they realise and go back to the same format that the series was best known for (competing to get the most stars) with unique, fun game boards. As well as this, they could have other game modes aside from the original star collecting mode (but I think they should keep that the main focus again).

Also, online play should really be introduced. People say games could be too long which could be a problem, but I don't think that's a problem if you play strictly with friends. Even still, you could probably still could find some random people online. Either that, or have time limits.

What idea's can you guys think of? Do you feel like Mario Party needs a change or not?

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