If portable mode is considerably weaker, what does that likely mean for games?

We've all seen the posts on here recently about UE4's recommended docked and un-docked settings and the screenshot differences between the two. Not only is the resolution a bit lower undocked, but the graphical fidelity isn't nearly as good (imo) as the docked versions.

My question is: Do you think that's really something game devs would implement? Maybe it's just me but I'd rather see a game drop from 900p (what most Ps4 and Xbox One games run at, btw) docked to 540p undocked as long as the graphics and frame rate stay the same. The screen isn't too big, so I doubt pixel density could be much worse than say 900p on a 60 inch tv.

It just rubs me the wrong way that we can possibly be looking at performance or graphical differences when they can and should change the resolution and keep the game itself as an equal experience.

What route do you think most game devs would take?

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