If Switch has GC ports, especially ports of SSBM AND a new SSB4 Switch version, it will have GC Adapter support.

I'm sure we all remember when SSB4 for Wii U was announced and everybody was in a frantic run about what controllers would be released… until Nintendo announced the GC Adaptor. Now, I know a lot of this think Nintendo has been "dumb" on many decisions, but with they're recent interest in eSports, specifically lately in the Smash community, (to me) it would see almost improbable that if the recent GC rumors / Smash rumors are true, there wouldn't be support for GC adapters. Nintendo, based on the rumors and things they've shown / advertised about the Switch, seem to have finally "gotten the message" a lot of us have complained about, and I feel this is a perfect example of them showing they get it.

Do you think it confirms GC Adapter IF the rumors are true? Or no?

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