If you’re planning to get a cover for your Switch, even a thin one might not be dock-compatible

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of those flap-covers, silicon covers, or skins.

I'm in the market for a shell cover similar to thin plastic phone cases like this for the Switch and right now, there doesn't really seem alot available for preorder.

However, I did find this at AmazonJP. The description of this does bother me, saying you should remove the case before docking it. This worries me because it makes me believe that even a thin shell cover such as this (only increasing the thickness by, say, 2-3mm)is just enough for the Switch to not fit at all or to have trouble connecting to to the system.

Whatever the case (pun), I do hope there is a thin enough case to be available that allows you to dock the system with it on.

Discussion started at here by NameBrandSnacks

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