Ignoring illicit things, what can we expect from a jailbreak?

First off I hope this isn't against the rules, cause even though myself and many others won't use a jailbreak to pirate, unfortunately the majority will.. but for those of us who wanna jailbreak for other reasons, what do you guys think.

Idk that jailbreak is even the right term for a nintendo, but I've always rooted or jailbroken all my phones and gadgets.

  1. I think emulators will probably be one of the biggest things for most people, I'd like to play N64 games on it.

  2. being able to backup games to either an SD card or the system itself would be really nice, cause I lose s**t all the time. I hope all games are available to download, but I doubt that'll be the case and if not, this would probably be the reason I'd jailbreak it.

  3. I imagine if the dock increases performance then you'd be able to force it to increase undocked.. you'd probably have be be careful not to fry it though 😛

  4. Some people I'm sure would like being able to customize the UI and logos and stuff.

So what do you guys think? What were the other "hacked" nintendo systems like? Am I remembering the word homebrew being relavant and if so what did that do?

If a jailbreak comes out, what are the potential negatives? Modding online play is my biggest fear, cause I don't think pirates will hurt sales that much, and they don't directly effect me.

Do you guys want a jailbreak to come out or no? Personally I'd rather it didn't get jailbroken, and if it does at least not for a few years or when nintendo has moved on to a new system.

If it does get jailbroken do you think you'll jailbreak yours? Personally, if there's a lot of really cool things you can do with it jailbroken I probably would, especially if they're cheap enough I could get a second one for online okag.

TL;DR other than pirating, what do you think about a Jailbreak coming out

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