I’m buying BOTW on Wii U

I dunno if anyone else is gonna do what I'm doing. I'm so hyped for the switch, I cannot wait till it becomes available, but from what I saw in the presentation, the only games I would actually play on it at launch are BOTW and maybe that tech demo game they announced. Any other game I want (mainly Mario Odyssey) won't come out till later. I mean even Mario Kart Deluxe isn't coming out till the end of April. My plan for the console was so decide after the presentation if I wanted to buy it at launch. But with the strain of bills and other expenses, to do that I'd have to sell my Wii u and possibly a couple of my PS4 games. Waiting it out till more games are released or even after E3 will give me enough time to come up with the money and be able to keep my Wii u. At least this way I'm only spending £40 to get the game I wanted to play instead of £280 for the new console and £60 for the game.

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