I’m getting Apple product release flashbacks.

(Anyone who takes a good look at my profile will be able to tell that I'm an Apple fan – I'm not trying to hide it)

For those who aren't familiar with the Apple Product Release Loop of Doom™, here's how things end up going:

  • Apple has a rumored new product. Everyone starts hyping it up like it's the second coming of Christ. The product gets rumored, somewhat outlandish features based on previous Apple patents/wishful thinking on the part of supposed "Apple fans" who really just want Apple to make an Android phone.

  • Apple announces new product, revealing design and specs along with it. The internet collectively dies when the device inevitably wasn't up to their high standards.

  • Apple releases new product, it sells well enough, reviews well enough, and everyone forgets that they talked s**t about it.

  • Rinse and repeat

Look, I understand the concerns. We all want this thing to succeed and we all have our own ideas about how to get it there. However, I've found that, many times, the fears of Reddit end up being unfounded. Try to look on the bright side of things.

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