I’m thinking of going all-digital with my Switch Game library…

I'll need a beefy microSD card, of course, but hey, I shelled out for one of those grossly expensive proprietary Vita storage cards back in the day and never regretted it. I never owned a single Vita cartridge.

I never buy games digitally for my other consoles or my 3DS, though, as I tend to go all-in or all-out on this (OCD, really). Mostly, my decision is made based on the games I buy at launch. (Silly, I know)

Seeing as the Switch is a portable device, and the storage is expandable, this seems like (in some ways) an obvious move, although it may mean I end up missing out on sales and other discounts (Best Buy Gamer's Club, mainly). It may also be tricky depending on how user accounts and system transfers shake out.

Is anyone else thinking of going this route? Has anyone gone all-digital for their 3DS or Wii U (or PS4 or whatever) and regretted it?

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