Imagine if this thing gets hacked

I'm a huge supporter of nintendo and would never advocate harming them as a company but let's be honest… Some clever bugger out there is gonna reverse engineer the switch and eventually find an exploit just like the Wii and 3ds and virtually any other console out there before it.

And I'd be lying if I said I didn't imagine some exciting AF possibilities, Nintendo's innovation usually results in their tech being used in pretty interesting ways, the Wii mote being one example, I wonder what homebrew possibilities would arise and how people might get creative with the hybrid dynamic and removable joy cons (also assuming motion control).

Again, I wish no harm to Nintendo and dint condone misuse of hardware for personal profit or gain, just thinking aloud about wether someone jailbreaks the switch. The PSP getting hacked actually sold units on that premise alone lol. What do you guys think? If nothing else it would make one hell of an emulation system for your backups.

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