InNerd View: Nintendo Switch and The Future of Gaming

When someone says the future of gaming, most would think it's bigger resolutions and higher framerates, but what if I told you it doesn't limit itself to just those two things? Let's talk about the Nintendo Switch.

A few days go, Nintendo finally revealed the long-awaited NX which turns out to be TADAAA The Nintendo Switch.

The main point of the Switch is to have a gaming console that's versatile enough to be used as a handheld, similar to the concept seen with the Nvidia Shield.

But what makes this new idea from Nintendo so different or perhaps even better than its predecessor? Simple; self sustenance concepts like the Nvidia GameStream she had this problem that they need another computer to play their main game on the Shield.

If you don't have any then you'll only be limited to just mobile games.

The Switch fixes this by being able to pack in an entire console experience into the benefits of a handheld without much reliance on a processing unit to function It practically does what laptops do for computers, except that its a console! Is it the future of gaming? Absolute yes! If the future was determined by just processing power then it would be very linear.

One should also consider the future is also making things smaller and lighter, rather than just better.

Hopefully, a decade from now we'll end up seeing something from Nintendo of this concept that improves the power but for now, this is a huge stepping stone for the future of gaming.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this first episode of InNerd Views do tell me what you guys think about this video format and assalamu alaikum.

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