Intending to make a Documentary about the NX hype and subculture, but need your guys’ help

For this to be achieved I would like to have footage of various people who were a part of this or still are. Many of you live all over the World and I can not afford travel expenses, so I was hoping some of you could send me footage of yourself talking about the NX/Switch.

You can talk about anything NX/Switch related, from the early leaks(including the fakes), to the mock-ups, to the theories, or even about how you feel now that it has been revealed. You can also talk about which games you're excited for or what you want to be on the system.

If you wish to send me footage of yourself, I need you say to your name and that you are giving consent to have this footage used, at the start of the video. Please upload it to Google Drive and share it to [email protected] with 'Can Edit' selected.

The overall length of the Documentary will largely depend on how many of you send me stuff. I plan to have this finished and released on the Switch's launch day. It will be uploaded for free on Youtube. I will post a link here.

If you have any ideas for titles or just have questions, please comment them below or private message me.

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