IPhone model for Switch

I know this is entirely unlikely, but after reading some posts about the possibility of the Swtch introducing an OS for the Nintendo systems where in the future they would create, every one or two years, improvements of the system, it made me wonder if it might also be beneficial to do a financing model similar to phones. Phones can cost around 700 dollars but are lowered by multi-year contracts to lower the initial cost and provide the opportunity to upgrade after a year or two. This let's more people buy the device, becoming much more profitable than if people had to buy them up front. So, I wonder if Nintendo could introduce a plan like this where the Switch is closer to 100 to 200 in price with cheap monthly payment for one or two years. Then every year or two you can upgrade to the new Nintendo system which is compatible with the past systems. I do understand this system is against what most people are used to with gaming systems, where having to buy just one system every 5 years and every game can be played on it is convenient. But I wonder if having the model similar to phones would give more people the opportunity to buy the system, increasing the player base. I might be willing to buy into this system if it means Nintendo has better systems for cheap upfront costs with the highest player base to promote he third party involvement it so needs. What do you guys think?

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