Is anyone else cautious about the Binding of Isaac release on Switch?

I have preordered Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ for Switch, because I do like the game and its difficulty, as well as the option to play it on the go or on my TV. I am, however, apprehensive and cautious about it. I bought both the 3DS and Wii U version of Isaac Rebirth and there were some glaring issues and bugs that took a very long time to iron out. Seeing as this release is the only physical edition of the game thus far, I would HOPE that the developers, Nicalis, would be better at supporting the game and the fans should there be any glaring issues….But I do have trust issues when it comes to them and hope we don't get burned again. Does anyone else feel the same way? Excited for release, but scared of post launch problems, or porting issues?

Discussion started at here by Ursotender

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