Is Breath of The Wild Too Big?

Disclaimer: Spoilers for anyone that doesn't want to know about the size of the game world or the number of quests etc. Inside as I feel it's all pertinent information for this discussion.

Having followed all the information about the game one thing that's really stuck in my mind is the size of the game world. Estimated to be about 360 square kilometers makes it just under 10 times the size of Skyrim's world map.

Skyrim was an expansive game, but it was stuffed to the brim with side quests and lore to explore and really delve into. I'm curious how nintendo is planning on keeping a world nearly 10 times the size engaging.

  • In BoTW If you include the 70 side quests and 120 shrine trials you've still got less quests than vanilla skyrim did overall (I think the number is something like 240)

I still believe Breath of The Wild is going to be an incredible game and I'm fairly confident nintendo's found a way to keep the game engaging, they're not the type to slack on quality of gameplay.

But what I'm wondering is, how do you guys think they'll keep the game engaging? How many hours do you think you'll be getting out of breath of the wild? What's something you really hope they've implemented for quests or quest variety?

Ps: I have no idea how to tag a post as discussion. D:

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