Is it possible that the Switch is being underclocked so that Nintendo can release Switch 1.1 fairly soon after, while leaving themselves a way to narrow the performance gap between the two?

This way even if the Switch 1.1 has much better performance, the Switch 1.0 can still match it in overclocked/docked mode.

They could even release an active cooling dock so people can really push their Switch 1.0 to the limit and have it match performance with Switch 1.2 or even 1.3 on the cheap.

It seems likely the Switch will mimic the DS/3DS with its multiple device versions since that was a successful model, but they saw the issue with performance differences between versions.

Rapidly releasing iterative versions of the Switch might also be a part of their strategy to overcome consumer hesitation to buy more than one home console per household, as they'd likely want a switch per person not per household like the DS systems.


Active cooled overclocked docked Switch 1.0 =

Upclocked docked Switch 1.1 =

Docked Switch 1.2 =

Portable mode Switch 1.3

That way they can ensure games perform fine across 4 sub-generations of consoles

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