Is Nintendo Switch aiming for 3DS?

Nintendo Switch is certainly not a true straight competitor to Xbox and Playstation, and that much is clear now. This is, at its core, a mobile console – one that's more powerful than the 3DS. Thats why its not as powerful as the other 2 consoles.

But think about it.

Where the DS-Line's selling point was dual screen and mobility/ease of use, the Switch can be played like a PS Vita when on the go or connect right to your TV when you're home on top of adding a bit more graphic power for doing so…

What Switch really is, is a mobile console that can literally play the more powerful games that the Wii/Wii U had over 3DS… a 3DS that can play the more hardcore Nintendo games like the bigger installments of TLoZ and Mario. This is what's huge about the Nintendo Switch. If you stop and actually look at what this console actually is, it's technically a direct upgrade to the 3DS

I'm curious. I don't think Nintendo was ever trying to go up against the PS4 or Xbox… I think they're aiming to replace the 3DS with the Switch as its new mobile console hit eventually. What do you guys think?

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