Is the SWiitch cursed or blessed ?

We all thought that it was a necessary move to make a clean cut with the Wii branding yet it seems to be still in the shadow of the SWiitch and as far as we know, it has been rumored that the joy-cons may be used as wiimotes (maybe using some kind of extensions).

To me, the Wii had tons of great games, motion gaming is what it is and I enjoyed it more than it annoyed me, however the Wii brand is not popular anymore and beside that the Wii era was a goldmine for Nintendo.

With all that in mind, would you think it might be possible that Nintendo went for the Switch name to a small extent because it has "wi" in it in a very subtle and discrete form, hoping good fortune will again strike and turn the Switch into another money printer and as some sort of tribute to the Wii ? or would you be more enclined to see this link and Wii features as a turn off for the system ?

Discussion started at here by whynotnw

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