Issuing a correction to my previously posted Megathread 3 info (also early Switchmas gift inside)

I over-calculated FLOPs for Switch at ~1TFlop. With 4 SMs the Eurogamer clock speeds would work out to 768GFlops. The Eurogamer clock speeds are realistic, cores/SMs maybe not so much.

Here's your Switchmas gift: Maxwell architecture out-performs GCN (AMD hardware found in XB1/PS4) despite FLOPs measurements. By about 30%. I found a nice breakdown here:

Which backs that number, not that this is the only source to do so. What this means is that, in terms of FLOPs, you'd assume Switch is only 60% as powerful as XB1. In terms of actual performance, Switch will be 80% as powerful as XB1.

Why this is important: these numbers can be achieved and still be derived in part from every rumor we've heard about Switch. Eurogamer clock speeds included, just not the stock X1 chip on their specs sheet. Merry Switchmas everyone!

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