January 13th stream WILL be in English!! Confirmed by NINTENDO Portugal

Earlier today the Official Nintendo Switch page for Portugal posted a picture reminding everyone about the presentation by saying that it will be in English. They also told the followers that the portuguese subtitled stream will be available later that day during the evening, on Youtube. With this confirmation, the worries of some, about baing in Japanese only, can be laid to rest. No further details were revealed about in what shape or form the broadcast will have the English language. The 3 options we have on the table are either english only (though not reallistically viable since it will be broadcasted from Japan, and they respect that market too much to do a foreign main language broadcast), subtitles, or simultaneous translator, since it is being broadcasted from Japan.

What do you think should be the best way to do the show, language-wise?

Discussion started at here by apoqalypse

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