Joy-Con blocking and swinging on Skyrim??!

I would play the fudgesicles off of this game if you could use motion control on Skyrim! One thing I really liked about Resident Evil 4 on the Wii was the two handed controls and the aiming mechanic.

It would be cool IF:

  • you could block with the shield or swing with a one-handed sword using the joycon that is mapped to the L-R slot in game
  • you needed to swing with both JoyCons to swing a two handed sword <STAR WARS light saber fights on the switch!!!!!>
  • pick pocketing required you to do a hand mechanic with the JoyCons where you feel like you have to use the left hand to open the pocket, and right hand to pull out the item 😀

Any other cool Skyrim "What If's" that would peak your interest or having you re-enjoy this game?

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