Joy-Cons or Pro as a second controller?

Ok, so i already pre-ordered the Switch, but i wonder what should i buy as a second controller. Both the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller have some pros and cons and i don't know which one to choose.


  • Allow for 4-player gaming
  • I would choose the red ones, so i would be able to switch between different looks of the tablet
  • I would be able to play motion control games like Arms with my gf and she would be amazed for sure 🙂

  • The idea of using two separated Joy-cons at once in two hands doesn't really get to me, and the Joy-con grip is expensive. I don't want to spend even more money on accesories.

  • I'm affraid that my hands are too big and i wouldn't be able to enjoy multiplayer games with this tiny thing.

Pro Controller:

  • Real traditional controller is something i'd really enjoy in some of the games
  • I'm sure i'd prefer multiplayer in Mario Kart for example using a Pro Controller

  • …But, but… beeing able to swap different Joy-cons on the tablet is cool 🙁

  • Multiplayer only up to 3 people

Maybe someone else is facing the same problem? What would you choose?

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