Joycons/system possibilities

I'm curious as to the different joycons there will be. Besides colors. I mean, the fan mock ups from way back showing a fishing reel, etc.


  1. Spinning wheel for like an arcanoid/table hockey/etc.

  2. Keyboard (barring no touchscreen)

  3. Accordion!! haha

  4. Classic controllers options (as wonderfully mocked up already by this sub)

  5. It's been awhile but now seems worthwhile IMO with tech/automation/coding but bring back R.O.B!! Partner with Lego or something to get some robotics and hobbyists onboard. Joycons could be remote to bot/ROBs, camera could send images to screen, and we live in the age of drones so a flying ROB seems possible. Hell, partner with raspberry pi or something. Physical controllers + coding on the screen at the same time. Endless possibilities.

  6. Board game. Have the unit click into the center of a board game that is interactive (perhaps even with amiibos) that follows player stats, plays animations, times, etc.

Some are likely far-fetched but I can dream. I don't want the system/games to rely on these set-ups at all, they should just be options for those who want it. If it can hang game-wise with current gen AND have even more features than being mobile it will/can push out into new territory on the side.

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