Just a reminder, Switch WILL run games at a maximum 1080p/60fps while in dock

Just felt this post needed to be made, as people online continue to make videos or articles claiming the Switch runs 900p/30fps docked.

That is not true.

Zelda runs 900p/30fps from what we've been told thus far by sources at Nintendo.

The console, as listed in the Nintendo.uk product specs, (which I'll link below in an edit,) can run games at 1080p/60fps.

Other games will be taking advantage of that ability, it just seems like Zelda won't be as it stands now. And that's fine, it still looks great.

So I hope with both the "Specifications" page up on Nintendo's site, and this post out in the wild, critics I see online (mostly on YouTube) can stop saying that it runs a far lower graphical fidelity than the competition even when docked. It will be able to put out the same resolution as is standard for the PlayStation or Xbone. (That isn't to say it performs as well as those, necessarily, they're traditional home consoles, this isn't. But the visual experience should be about equal on the Switch as is on the other two consoles.)

I appreciate fair criticism, but misinformation is a killer when a product is trying to grow its install base, so I hope this clears a little of that misinformation up.

Anyway, I look forward to March 3rd, and until then, I'll see you all in the comments sections around here..! The day can't get here soon enough!

EDIT: Here's the link to the Product Specifications page

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