Just ordered a switch (Japan)

So, I have been sitting on the fence about whether I want to pre-order a switch for Zelda or not. I had a bad experience in the past when I pre-ordered a Wii for Twilight Princess and the game just didn't click with me.

However, BotW looks fantastic, so I bit the bullet and pre-ordered one. Managed to get one at Wondergoo (if anyone in Japan can't get one yet I suggest you check there – though I am in a smaller city). Was also no deposit required, unsure if this is normal or not for Japan.

The only downside is the store guy wasn't sure if they were going to be in store on the third or not, so they are going to phone me when it arrives. Here's hoping it arrives on time!

Purchased the grey switch, pro controller, and Japanese collectors edition of BotW (without the sword statue)

Looking forward to playing BotW with you all!

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