Lack of software… Mature titles

I showed my friend all of the switch presentation stuff last night. He is usually pretty enthusiastic about anything new coming out. (He had the Wii and all the accessories, but didn't buy a Wii u). He was totally unimpressed with everything I showed him. I mean like not a single reaction. And I realized as I was going through the videos that there isn't anything very compelling here for the mature crowd. I always go back to the GameCube launch which I think is severely underated. We had Metroid prime. We had Star Wars, Resident evil, Eternal Darkness etc. I realize Nintendo goes for mass market but I feel like they cut themselves short sometimes. Just think how cool ARMS would be if they gave it a gritty mech/ futuristic fighter look. It wouldn't need blood or anything just something with cool lighting effects you could show your friends and not feel like a child. Don't get me wrong I'm a day one purchase, and we have a ps4 and PC for mature content. What I'm suggesting is mature content with Nintendo design philosophy behind it, and motion control, portability, etc. would be something brand new that you couldn't get anywhere else. Best of both worlds scenario. Anyways just a thought.

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