Lack of Support for *New* 3ds Exclusives= Missed Opportunities?

I used to be a fan of first person shooters back in my early teens. I played Call of Duty for days on end with friends. They released a couple games for ds, but with no analog stick (let alone two) and with only two shoulder buttons, the full experience wasn't there. The 3ds was closer, as it introduced a type of analog, but still not quite there. With the N3DS, however, it has a left and a partial right analog stick, and two sets of two shoulder buttons. The layout for the N3DS is pretty much a full on controller! With the additional processing power of the unit, I think Activision and Nintendo could make a really compelling COD game for a handheld. Online multiplayer would be great, and a short campaign would be great. I think it would offer a unique and engaging on the go experience for the system. Or is it too late in the systems life, since the Switch is closing in on launch? Thoughts on this?

Edit: Nub could be used for looking around, then gyroscope for precision! It'd be so fun!

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