Lan Parties revived as Switch Parties.

I remember the days when my college buds and I would grab our desktops and connect them over a lan switch over the common table in the dorm hallway. We would play DOTA (WC3 map), CS 1.6 , Unreal Tournament, etc.

Now that the switch is bringing the 1 game 8 player thing to some games, this will be so easy to do.

But maybe we get a third party dev make an awesome gamepad playable DOTA game, or others.

Hopefully the switch can connect ad-hoc wirelessly, even while in doc mode. cause I can see some people bringing their doc and a monitor. While others stick to the portable/table mode.

Maybe we could get some keyboard/mouse support without those expensive conversion devices. Like I can totally see Nintendo releasing their own bluetooth mouse and keyboard to work with the switch.

Anyway, I went on a trip there, so thx for reading. Hope we can get at least some of this stuff.

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