Latin American “Buy Now” page now live! (no pricings yet tho)

Previously, if you clicked the "Preorder" button you were redirected to the list of retailers. Today you get sent to this (still unfinished, which is why I think it's pretty fresh) pre-order page like the one in the US.

The page doesn't list any prices for anything yet, doesn't offer any links to retailers, and descriptions for some products still aren't localized yet.

Anyways, here is the page.

Reminder that in the US this page also begun like this, and a little bit later the preorders went live, so get ready guys; we might be getting final pricing and ability to preorder.

EDIT: Also, as far as I can tell, this LA page of Nintendo has ever only really offered information for Mexico and Chile, so, sorry fellow latinos which aren't covered here :/

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