[LEAKS] Info on the hardware

This looks like a good place to leak this. I work at a company currently developing for the Switch. Throw away account because I like my job and want to keep it.

Here's what I know:

GPU has 1024 CUDA cores at ~840 MHz.

In terms of raw performance, it looks like it's somewhere between the PS4 and XB1.

GPU is custom nVidia Pascal Tegra, like everyone seems to expect.

I don't know if this is there because it didn't pay to remove it, or if Nintendo intends to use it for something, but the GPU has support for half-precision floating point. For those unfamiliar, it's a number format that allows the GPU to work at lower numerical precision to boost performance for certain tasks. nVidia originally added it because it's great for Deep Learning. I've run a test or two. It's as fast as it normally would be, so there is specific hardware support. We're not using it and Nintendo hasn't said anything yet, so I don't think it was intended to be a major feature.


8 ARM cores. 32-bit, which explains the 4GB RAM. As I understand, the 32-bit cores are smaller than the 64-bit ones, so that might be why Nintendo went with them (I have an nVidia Jetson Tk1 at home, and the SoC in there comes is a quad-core 32 bit CPU. At the time, nVidia also had a dual core 64-bit version. From pictures I've seen of the dies, the 64-bit cores were twice as big then. Just my speculation of course). 32 bit limits you to 4GB RAM.

Switch supports OpenGL, CUDA, and Vulkan. Nintendo mostly wants us using Vulkan.

Cartridge size is currently 16 GB. Random read speed is ~25 MBps though, so loading data is decent. We're compressing most of our texture and audio files, and so the 16 GB limit isn't too bad for now. Not 100% sure, but Nintendo is talking as though there may be bigger cartridges in the future.

I may post some more details later.

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