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I am so on board with Nintendo's new console. With everything seemingly heading in the direction of VR (which I'm not a big fan of) the Switch is gaming going back to its roots. I remember going to Florida as a kid and playing Pokémon on a GameBoy all the way there. And I know everyone has seen the meme about not being able to see the original GameBoy screen in the dark. Isn't this what we have all dreamed of?! A dedicated home and on the go console? I can already see it now; my girlfriend getting mad at me for playing to much Zelda at her place (lol), taking this thing to class and playing on my breaks. The possibilities are endless and I honestly think that's the whole point of the Switch. I'm so tired of the Sony/Microsoft fan boys and that pointless console war. Disclaimer: I do own and enjoy my PS4. But, the Nintendo Switch is going to be such a fun thing. So basically, it's almost as if Nintendo stopped for a second and looked at Sony and Microsoft and then from there decided to go backwards in the best way possible. Simple, fun gaming that everyone can enjoy.

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