longevity of the Switch

I was wondering how long the switch might be around.

I'm super hyped for it, just as you guys are and I'm perfectly content with playing on a potato, as long as it is fun 😀 But if we think about everything we know, the switch might just have a little bit more power than a Phone of this generation (X1) or of the next one (P1) … so it wouldn't really take all that long for smartphones to become more powerful than it (… well for a couple of seconds until they thermal throttle : D)

So my estimate would be 4 Years for the Switch, before Nintendo announces a successor (which they will >.< I don't want them to stop making consoles)

Sooo, what are your thoughts on this? I think 4 years would be long enough for me, but is it enough for you guys 😀 or do you think it will last significantly shorter/longer?

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