Mario Switch 3D multiplayer with Mario and Luigi together?

So i was reading some old interview with nostalgia of the N64, reading this:


People have described Mario 64 as “interactive animation”, and I think that term fits perfectly. Mario is truly a joy to control.

Miyamoto: That’s why I think it would have been great if we’d been able to make it two-player, with Mario and Luigi. But if we had done it wrong, it would have turned into a fighting game or something (laughs), so we’re leaving that challenge for next time.


This was for 'openworld' Super Mario 64 mind, i don't count the multiplayer in the recent 2.5 D titles… as fullfilling this vision.

But now with the switch, the rumour that the switch mario may go back to a true 3D world, and the fact that Nintendo always tries to put some new mechanic in their games…

We can see a true multiplayer 3D Super Mario.

The new hardware enables it, with (local) multiplayer and two switches, each having their own screen, and thus not restricted to one screen multiplayer. ( popping into a balloon when you get to far behind)

Think about the possibilities and star puzzles this coop mode would enable !

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