Massive double standard when it comes to Sony vs Nintendo handheld devices.

When the Vita launched in 2011, no one ever said "it's woefully underpowered compared to the PS3 & XBox360".

Here a quote from the verge's initial Vita review in 2011:

On paper, the PS Vita is an astonishing piece of hardware, with a quad-core processor powering nearly PS3-level graphics on a 5-inch AMOLED touchscreen backed up by two analog sticks, a touch-sensitive back panel, and a smartphone-style OS.

Nobody claimed the Vita would be DOA due to the 2011 launch price of $300 (not even including inflation). No one thought that 2.5-6 hours of battery life was not enough, or that a 540p display was too small when home-consoles were rocking 1080p.

Also from the verge:

I’ve been getting around five hours of active use out of the device, without factoring in time spent in sleep mode. This is in sharp contrast to the 3DS, which sucks power at an incredible rate even when in standby.

Compare that to their 2017 review of the Switch:

(Of course, battery life is a bigger concern for portability: Nintendo estimates three to six hours of gameplay on a single charge, with a game like Zelda being closer to three.)


Do you remember the vita launch lineup? It wasn't exactly stellar but, then again, who wants BotW, amirite?

The nail in the coffin:

The system (Vita) offers excellent value, even factoring in the price of a memory card.

Compared with

Thankfully, Nintendo has developed a Switch Pro controller that’s a lot more like a regular gamepad. Unfortunately, it will set you back another $70 to get a more comfortable console gaming experience. That’s a bit much on top of the $299 you’re already paying for the Switch

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