Maybe there was something to that Foxconn leak…

I've mentioned this too many times now, but now that Yasuda said that it's likely to be FHD on the go, I felt I needed to post this.

Here's the original post.

Let's go step by step to see what he actually got right, and why I believe there is credibility to this rumor.

Disclaimer, I will be using the Switch patents (and the rumor from Yasuda and the Switch dev kit leak) for some things he gets right, which may not be completely accurate at all, but the only detailed offical info so far we have to work with.

First of all, the dock itself.

There's no advanced technology in the dock. It seems pretty cheap and light, feels really plastic, no extra power, it just a output; * 1x USB 3.0, 1x hdmi, on the side 2x USB 2 ports on the dock; * there is no fan in the dock, but hole on the back of the dock to allow air absorbing then out from the console's top vent

Well, this is an odd thing to say everyone including LKD expected one, but according to the patents, there actually isn't a fan in the dock at all. So a strange thing to guess that nobody expected to be missing at all, yet he got it right (at least going by the patents), and even provides a good solution which sounds plausible.

Next, the screen.

Looking at the screen it looks like is a 1080p multi-touch screen…

This was also an odd detail, when everyone was expecting the Switch to have a 720p screen because of battery consumption. BUT even Yasuda, who is a really credible source says it's unlikely for it to have a 1280x720p screen, but then again not even he confirms that it won't be using a 720p one, but it connects to this leak very well.

Then, 4G.

*There's a 4G version, confirmed.

Another odd detail many would pass because of Nintendo not including this ever before and possible battery consumption issues. But, mobile networking communication services were indeed mentioned in the patent, adding some credibility to the possibility. Here's what the patent has to say;

Note that in other embodiments, the main unit 2 may have the function of implementing communication by connecting to a mobile communication network (in other words, a mobile telephone communication network), in addition to (or instead of) the function of implementing communication by connecting to a wireless LAN.

After that come the Joy-Cons.

There's 2 shoulder button on each joy-con, they are called SL, SRIt's very complex inside…"

Now, he called them SL & SR buttons, and said that they're very complex inside. Probably due to the unexpected camera that can read vein patterns and similar extra features.

Second to last, we have the fact he got USB-C right before the EB Games leak.

*Confirmed it's USB-C charging

Yeah, he probably isn't the first person to predict or guess it really, but he got it right before any LKD or Rogers came in saying USB-C IIRC (last statement could easily be wrong, I have terrible memory).

And last but not least, he accurately described the dev kit, at least according to that image leaked the day before the Switch reveal.

*A much powerful version, producing 2000x units for now *The core is 1x times bigger than the one above,200m㎡, looking it looks like 12×18 *2 extra ram, this version is 8GB *2x wifi, 1hdmi, 1x mini dp, 1x ethernet, 2x unidentified socket, 3x network led indicator, *Looks much more complex than the normal version, 6, 7 extra unidentified storage, different socket *Not sure if this is Devkit, or it's an advanced version, not sure if Nintendo will release it (22 Nov 2016 update) Confirmed it's a devkit, and Nintendo was coming to exam the devkit today *No dock for this version for now *Can be plugged into TV without docking, power is inside *Speculated provided the core is only include GPU, it would be even more powerful than PS4 pro *Screen is the same size as the normal one *It's much more powerful, but also much heavier, not feeling great in hand, speculated for 4K gaming *Haven't seen such a huge core, and it's 16nm + 100mm2 main core *There's no battery inside this version

And the image itself (credit to /u/st23576).

Now, let's fill in the rest of the specs going by his leaks, a 4310mah battery, possibly a Pascal with A73 cores (the benchmarks supposedly only show ARM_v8, hence the speculation, X1 uses the ARM_v8 structure so it could be based off that though Pascal is more likely, even if it doesn't have A73 cores he mentions), L shaped cheap heat sink and 4GB of RAM, and it weights 300g. The Joy-Cons are 50g and have a 525mAh battery.

Now, some info lines up, but take this all with a grain of salt. The patents and mentioned rumors are not confirmed to be completley accurate at all, but it does line up nicely. Thoughts?

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