Message to Nintendo From a Resolution enthusiast.

Before I start, let me just say, I understand that games are an art form and gameplay and style should come before resolution, but as an early adopter of 4k, I still want to say something.

Does resolution matter? No. You can still have fun playing at 240p as the 3ds has shown, but, that's only when 240p is native. People underestimate/write off the negative effects that upscaling has on content, when not played on a native screen. The first example I throw at people is "play xenoblade chronicles X on a 4k television". The game becomes and aliased blurry mess.

At 1080p, admittedly it's not bad. Your only upscaling from the last resolution standard, but at 4k, it's like scaling a sheet of notebook paper over a billbored. What was once a gorgeous stylized art direction, becomes a blurry, aliased, mess. Although still playable, and still fun, it becomes unappealing to look at.

So what are my options as a consumer to fix this problem? Buy a cheap 1080p monitor or screen to play with? Well wait, 720p games are still coming, and for 900p I'd have to get a 1600×900 monitor as they don't make tv's with that resolution. Damned if I do, and if I dont.

What could you do to fix it? I understand you want an affordable device to sell to consumers, so I wouldn't expect a 4k console, especially since sony and Microsoft are having trouble doing it at higher price points. Well wait, what about that suplemental power unti I've hear about? An optional purchase for those who want more power? Sign me up coach. If I would be willing to spend money on a native resolution screen, of coarse I'll give my favorite gaming company the money instead, but the problem is…..Nintendo has had a stance on quality over resolution for a long while and haven't shown that they want to provide the option for a more powerful experiance.

And that's the heart of my message. Give me an option and I will buy it. Don't care if it's 200$, I'm willing to pay for quality. I don't want to force others to pay for something they may not care about, but that doesn't stop me from wanting it. (Still getting a switch and breath of the wild btw) 🙂

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