[META] /r/NintendoSwitch: A reminder about rule 1 and acceptable behavior


As a friendly reminder, rule 1 of this subreddit states: "Remember the human. Be respectful of others and their opinions."

In the past 24 hours we have seen an incredibly large influx of rule 1 violations, and as a result, the moderation team has so far removed 136 comments, issued 21 warnings, and issued 5 bans of varying lengths.


  • Discussing the content of a post or comment
  • Discussing the feasability, practicality, or validity of a leak or rumor
  • Discussing the credentials of a leaker or journalist

Not acceptable:

  • Off topic tangents
  • Personal attacks towards others
  • Doxxing attempts and personal information
  • Hate speech

If you have not read it recently, now is a fantastic time to freshen up on reddiquette.


/u/FlapSnapple and the /r/NintendoSwitch mod team

Discussion started at here by FlapSnapple

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