Missed the Pre-Order? No worries, your local Blue Store will probably have ’em in store. What’s Your Gameplan?

For some reason or another.. I did not expect Nintendo to start taking pre-orders for the Switch as soon as the event on Jan. 13, was over. Of course, you know how this story ends… I didn't get a pre-order.

So without certainty of getting to play on Day 1, I took off for March 2-5 just to go Switch Hunting. I work for a certain biz that rhymes with Test Why (not in-store), so that's my first bet.

I've been told that ALL stores, not just the ones in the drop-down for pre-order pickups, will have inventory allocated for Day 1 sales. Same goes for games, possibly accessories. No specifics yet. I'll know more on 2/13.

But for now, I just plan to be first at my local store to buy a console and copy of BOTW.. maybe an amiibo if they have some.

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