More Information soon…

So most of us are dying to get our hands on the Switch, longing for every shred of information out there and desperately wanna learn more about stuff like UI, online, etc. .

Sounds about right?

Here is the thing;

Nintendo can't wait any longer to inform us about the last mysteries.

In one week time it's merely 10 days until launch and that means magazines and news outlets already should have hands on Switches their own, being a potential source for leaks all over the place.

My bet is on this week or next at the latest but bear in mind. Not even beloved Nintendo can circumvent the whole system of properly informing your customer and they are here for the long shot so loyality of their fanbase is key as they are the ambassadors of the system, spreading the word and looking around here, marketing it.

What do you think? Will Big N have something planned for this week?

Tl;Dr: Next week it's next week that the Switch launches

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