More Questions than sense [Spec]

My assumptions are the following: The clock speeds tell us how hard they are revving the CPU and the GPU to coin a motoring term and that we have no other confirmed source of information that details the specs of the CPU or GPU aside older Dev Kit Specs. Which in turn leads me to some questions? * 1. Is it not logical that by under revving their engines they are saving battery life? Which means we have probably got a lot of cores and CPUs running at maximum efficiency? * 2. Could the reason for low clock speeds be that there is not a sufficient thermal solution to run so many cores and cpus any faster? * 3. Why has everyone gone crazy regarding the specs when there is no way to know what they are until we find out the SOC structure? * 4.How and why the information about clock speeds would be leaked, what benefit does it serve either a developer or manufacturer without the information about throughput of the system. Or more to the point why is this information presented or leaked separately when they appear to me to be intrinsically linked.

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