MvC Infinite and SF5 NEED to be on the Switch!

I just finished watching PSX 2016 and there were a lot of good game announcements and gameplay, but the two best games I saw were MvC Infinite and SF5. I was REALLY HYPED when I saw these, especially MvC. These two fighting game franchises are the most fun imo, right after Smash Bros. Although I didn't see that they were confirmed for Switch, they have to somehow make their way to it. Street Fighter 2 on Gameboy Advance was always my favorite game to pick (I was a Dhalsim main, he was broken you could just spam his long legs and win lol) and Street Fighter 4 for 3DS was really good too (mained Dudley and El Fuerte) and MvC3 for Xbox 360 was also one of the greatest game I've played (Okami and Deadpool were really easy to spam and Dormammu was there just in case). Besides the fact that I'm always spamming characters, I found these games amazing and fun to play so hopefully they will make it to Switch.

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